3 Drivers of Success for a Consulting Business

When it comes to success in the consulting business, there are three key drivers that can make or break a company: strategic clarity, shared commitment, and discipline in execution. Strategic clarity is the ability to have a clear vision of the company's goals and objectives. Shared commitment is the willingness of all stakeholders to work together to achieve those goals. Discipline in execution is the ability to stay on track and follow through on plans.

These three drivers are essential for any successful consulting business. Without them, it can be difficult to achieve the desired results. For instance, I once worked in a retailer in the United Kingdom where the majority of middle managers did not support a new top-down strategy. This lack of participation and commitment meant that the new strategy was doomed to fail.

The Role of Strategy

The role of strategy is critical for any organization.

It sets the direction and focuses on improvement. However, it must be implemented throughout the organization to be effective. A balanced culture means effective and creative management of people. Customers are served by people; processes are managed by people.

Only people can improve quality. For them to work well, they must be empowered, guided, measured, reviewed and recognized for their success.


Leadership is also essential for success in consulting. Senior management must be able to react to changes and take advantage of them while staying within the general framework and agreed strategy. Leadership ensures that everyone is enthusiastic and supported to work on strategy, improve processes, serve customers and work actively as a team.

Adaptability & Ingenuity

Consulting is largely a matter of people.

As a customer-oriented consultant, you're sure to work with a lot of different people, including clients, teammates, and internal leaders. These individuals will have a wide range of experiences, ages, personalities, cultural backgrounds, work styles and more. Each client's company or subgroup will also have its own culture which will reflect different aspects of individual personalities. Adaptability, ingenuity and a proactive mentality are three key traits that all consultants should possess if they want to be successful in their career. These traits are especially important for senior consultants as they are expected to present themselves as wise advisors both in the content of their advice and in their delivery.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Finally, I should note that my opinion is based on my experience in one consulting firm (as well as on the contributions of colleagues from others) and may not necessarily reflect all of them.

The goal is for consultants to present themselves as wise advisors both in the content of their advice and in their delivery. The fourth industrial revolution allows professionals to take advantage of investment in intelligent technology to encourage our companies to compete more intelligently and faster. This can help consulting firms continue on the path of growth and prosperity despite challenging market forces.