How long should you stay at consulting job?

This is just a summary of the feedback we usually receive from the thousands of employers who get in touch to use Movemeon. And that summary is that the perfect time to leave is between 21 and 30 months, or more easily if you say that it is just under 2 years, up to 2 or 5 years more or less. Now that we've almost arrived at MECE about exit opportunities for consulting companies, it's only fair that we tell you a little more about the roles you could play after consulting. I don't think I need consulting to get the jobs I want, but consulting is probably the fastest way to get those jobs.

In fact, I had so many doubts that I didn't quit my consulting job for almost 2 years after starting my online business. Of course, your consulting skills could be improved in many ways, but there are more ways to do it than just as a consultant.