What are the exit paths for consulting?

Former management consultants have a wide range of prestigious and well-paid career paths, including corporate management, banking and finance, work in the public sector, NGOs, startups, and independent consulting. This is the result of their exposure to various sectors and of the intense learning they have acquired when dealing with high-level business problems. Former consultants who want to make changes in their country or society at the highest level can opt for the public sector. Many consultants have reached senior political positions after leaving consultancies.

Some famous examples include Bobby Jindal (formerly McKinsey), Mitt Romney (ex Bain), and Jeremy Hunt (OC&C). The most popular option at MBB is to work as an in-house consultant. They are popular because they allow consultants to do a similar type of work, but with much better schedules and, eventually, options to move to a more traditional business management position. This option has a number of benefits, especially if you enjoy the work you're already doing.

Entering a corporate job with consulting experience can often allow you to enter a higher level than you could otherwise obtain. In addition, depending on the company you join, you are likely to enjoy a lifestyle of more than 9 to 5 (as opposed to the 9 hours of work you dedicate to consulting).